Organic Kukicha Twig Roasted Green Tea

Organic Kukicha Twig Roasted Green Tea

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We have a fine and vast collection of reagular and exotic teas for our customers to choose from. One of those teas being our organic Kukicha twig roasted Green tea, part of our black oolong tea collection from Frontier Co-op. Kukicha is grown primarily in Japan, and is often brewed with green tea green tea. It's low on caffiene and is known for its natural mildly nutty and slightly creamy, sweet flavoring. 

Consisting primarily of roasted leaf stems and fine tea twigs, this low-caffeine tea produces a mild, woody-malty brew.

  • Organic Green tea
  • 1 lbs
  • Roasted with Kukicha twigs to give an earthy and woody taste
  • Brand: FCP
  • Product Code: 1021
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  • $38.50

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