Functional and aesthetic 

Rumored to have happened around 1870, the cheeseboard's invention has been nothing short of a gift to society. Originating in France, it has become apparent that cheese enthusiasts take their dairy very seriously. Luckily for you, so do we. At Brew Time Market, we have adapted our product inventory to a wide array of characteristics and styles to make your cheese cutting experience as enjoyable as possible. 

When it comes to cheese boards, we focus on two things: functionality and style. Available on our site, we have some of the widest variety of cheeseboards you can imagine. It's important to remember that your board is as complicated or simple as you wish to make it. 

When it comes to serving, pick a few of your favorite cheeses. Add a few unique kinds of cheese that your guests might not have experienced before. With these, bring in some other flavors and textures to help enhance the taste. These may include fruit, nuts, vegetables, and deli meat like salami or prosciutto. You also will want to arrange your foods thoughtfully, since, after all, it's all about the display. In the end, it's all up to you! 

That's the most beautiful part of owning a cheeseboard - you get to pick a board that functions well and looks the part. Some like a more classic, wooden style, while others like a more modern, slate look. Either way, all of our boards exude class and are sure to impress whoever might be looking at them! We know you'll love them and can't wait to see what types of incredible creations you make with them. 

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Acacia Wood Pig Cheese Board

Pig for Your Parmesan! This pig silhouette cheeseboard is perfect for any farm-style home! T..


Acacia Wood Slice Natural Edge Cheeseboard

Naturally Beautiful! This unique cheeseboard is created with a distinctive cross-section of ..


Bamboo Cheese Board with Slicing Wire

Slice Cheese with Ease! This just might be the best thing since sliced bread! Say hello to o..


Cat Antibacterial Bamboo Cheeseboard

Feline for Your Feta! This kitty is one of the most adorable cheeseboards that you can ..


Crafted Acacia and Steel Cheeseboard

Classy and Perfect for Cheese Display fine olives and cheeses with this elegant dark-fi..


Inset Slate Wood Cheeseboard

Classic, Modern, and Stylish If you're looking for a classic cheeseboard with a modern ..


Medium Country Home Acacia Wood Artisan Cheese Paddle

Serve with Sophistication! Cheeseboards are known for coming in all different kinds of lengt..


Polynesian Inspired Marble and Acacia Cheeseboard

Elegant Marble and Acacia Cheeseboard This tiki-inspired piece from Viski is a must-hav..


Round Acacia Wood Cheeseboard Paddle

A Simple Farmhouse Cheeseboard If you're looking for a no-frills wooden cheeseboard, this is..


Rounded Grey Marble Cheeseboard with Handle

An Opulent Cheeseboard! Bring some elegance to your serving game with this gorgeous grey mar..


Slate and Acacia Cheeseboard Paddle

Bright Like Day, Cool Like Night The cool hue of slate and the warmth of acacia wood make fo..


Slate Round Cheese Board with Chalk

A Charming Cheeseboard This unique cheeseboard is a must-have for your next party! A carved ..


Small Rounded Bamboo Cheese Board

Simple, not Cheesy! Great for small get-togethers, this small bamboo cheeseboard is ideal fo..


Small Slate Rustic Cheeseboard

Sleek Slate Serve snacks or sophisticated appetizers with pride using this elegant slat..


True Elegance Rectangular Grey Marble Cheeseboard

Serve Food With Style Serve your food with style using our True Elegance Rect..


True Fete Slate Cheeseboard

Sleek and Slim Any good party should have a cheeseboard, and this True Fete Slate ..


True Slate Cheeseboard And Chalk Set

Be the Perfect Host! Make your next gathering one to remember with our classic True Slate ch..


TrueZoo Mouse Cheeseboard

A Charming Cheeseboard (That Won't Squeak)! Make your next gathering one to remember with ou..


Twine Acacia Wood Tapas Board

Serve With Style Cheeseboards are known for coming in all different kinds of lengths and siz..


Twine Seaside Marbled Ceramic Cheese Board

Make Waves Bask in the beauty of this ocean-themed cheeseboard and feel your mind be put at ..


Twine Slate Cheese Board

Serve With Style Make your next gathering one to remember with our rustic Twine Slate&n..


Twine Slate Cheeseboard

Serve With Style Make your next gathering one to remember with our rustic Twine Slate cheese..


Wine Bottle Bamboo Cheeseboard

For Charming Presentation! Looking to pair appetizers with wine at your next get-togeth..


Cork Frame Wall Art Kit

A Craft for Drinkers Love crafts and drinks? Then this is the kit for you! With 36 corks and..