Green Teas

Green Teas

Healthy and Decadent

Quite frankly, green tea is a fantastic product. It has achieved a stellar reputation in fitness circles for its intrinsic health benefits. Because it's crafted from unoxidized Camellia sinensis leaves, the end result is a far different taste from that of black or oolong tea. This fantastic drink originated in China but has spread all around the world because everyone loves it! Perfect as a low-caffeine alternative to something like black coffee, green tea is a fantastic way to get your morning started or wind down your night. 

Studies have shown that green tea has positive effects on blood flow, cholesterol, and brain/heart health. It also has a slew of metabolic effects, which have been shown to help with weight loss. It's not uncommon to see green tea supplements in relation to dieting and weight management. Interestingly, green tea also has a much higher pH than other teas, giving it a more basic and smooth taste. Adding additions to your green tea like honey, sugar, or even simply a stevia leaf will work well for adding a sweeter flavor. 

Plenty of exciting food and beverage combinations can be made using green tea, as well. There are different types of rice, tofu, and even cupcakes that take advantage of this fantastic product! It is advised to drink green tea during or after a meal in order to get the full range of nutrient absorption. The options are endless. All we know is that this ancient Chinese derivative is one of the most distinct flavors of tea there is and is absolutely worth trying out Brew Time Market’s green tea options. 

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