Japan's Most Exclusive Tea

Found as a unique type of tea worldwide, Matcha is one of Japan's many fine creations. Powdered from green tea leaves that have been processed, this low-calorie powder is one of the various exclusive types of tea. What makes these Matcha teas offered at Brew Time Market so special is how it's made. Creating this powder is a very time consuming and laborious process because it includes only top-quality leaves that are de-stemmed and deveined. This gives Matcha a very distinctive taste that is entirely different from any other type of tea out there. It also has a reputation for being a contributor to good oral health, with research finding that it may reduce tooth decay. 

Powdered tea actually has a very long history in this region; it was brought to Japan by Zen Buddhists in the year 1191 and became viewed as more important to society over the years. Eventually, it made its way through the country's political elite in the 14th century through the 16th century! Interestingly, Matcha is only grown in Japan, which makes it quite exclusive to the region. Due to this, it has acquired a stellar reputation across the world. Matcha powder has been implemented in plenty of cooking recipes, including infusions in crepes, muffins, and countless other drinks. 

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